Beetles Color Polish - Temperature Change Long Lasting Gel, 7.3ml Each Bottle

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Features ???? 6 Popular Color Polish (Requires & Base Coat) ???? 9 Toxin Free easy safe to apply. ???? Long lasting with perfect shine. Certification ???? by factory (Good Manufacturing Practice). ???? Passed test metal Toxicological risk assessment. ???? provided. Application 1. Preparation: Trim, file buff nails a clean surface. opening bottle, roll bottle between your hands back gently Base Coat: Apply thin base coat, cure under lamp 60-90 seconds. 3. polish: Apply first thin color polish cure under lamp 90-120 Apply second layer color * When color, wipe excess with brush before strokes. Finish with a coat, cure under lamp 90-120 seconds. * every thin coat is key * Tips chipping: 1. Before applying, please ensure your nails completely dry, clean oil-free. apply on skin or cuticle. to edge of each nail to with brush horizontally chipping. Removal 1. Lightly shine of nails using a nail 2. Soak ball or with nail remover of each nail. 3. Wrap nail with foil or nail wrap to secure allow remover to soak. 4. Soak a minimum of 15 minutes. 5. Remove cotton a time gently using a removal wand. should come easily without much effort. If necessary, re-saturate cotton rewrap finger soak 5 more minutes. 6. Lightly buff nails again is removed.Beetles Color Polish - Temperature Change Long Lasting Gel, 7.3ml Each Bottle